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Friday, May 24th, 2024

White Light USA invites you to join us for a FREE 2 hour training at the Homestead Training Center! If you have a Class G License, then you are invited to participate! Free training & free ammo, just bring your own 9mm handgun and get ready for an action packed training!

Registration is required. 

Armed Security Guard

Our Armed Security Guards are available for business, residential or one time events. We also provide career opportunites for those interested in becoming a White Light Armed Security Guard.

Guardian Trained School Security Officer

Our Guardian School Security Officers are armed personnel that have been specifically trained to keep your school premises safe.

Finger Printing

We are a Livescan service provider that assists employers and employees with finger printing services that are in compliance with the FDLE.

Your #1 Choice for Private Armed Security

Keeping Your Business Safe

There are many reasons why you may be in need of hiring Private Armed Security and we are here to meet any and all of your safety needs! Our Armed Security can be hired either for an ongoing need or a one-time basis and serve to keep individuals, businesses and residences safe. 

Guardian Trained School Security Officer Solutions

Protecting Our Students & Schools

Our Guardian Trained School Security Officers have all successfully completed a rigorous training with active shooter scenarios. Guardians are armed security that have the skills and knowledge needed in order to keep our schools and students safe while also serving as a mentor to the youth. 

Apply For Training

If you are interested in becoming a White Light Trained Security Guard, then we would love to hear from you and provide you with the steps for our application process.

Finger Printing Services

Simplifying the Fingerprinting Process

Through our Fingerprinting Services, our goal is to provide you with accurate results with a quick turn around time. We are a Live Scan provider, so you can be assured that your results meet all requirements by the state and government.

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